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Companies that rely on the Internet for interaction with their customers want a way to ensure the user online at the other end is really who it should be and prevent online fraud. Not only high-security systems but also low-security systems (e.g., e-learning).


SMOWL emerges to solve this need for a continuous user authentication online. Using a suitable process, not only we manage to verify user identity at the time of log in, but most important during the entire online interaction.

The technology on which we rely our service is that developed by Vicomtech-Ik4 Foundation (our partner), technological innovation center and benchmark in image processing.

Our successful team working is making SMOWL more than a technological company – it has come to stand a way of doing things: with spirit, courage and intelligence. Always thinking on our clients.


Ricardo Vea, CEO

In SMOWL we are very concerned to find a balance between intrusion in taking pictures continuously and privacy preservation. We manage pictures, no identities.

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