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Knowing at all times if the user on the other side of the online internet system is really who it should be preventing online fraud, can significantly impact your business.

Smowltech provides a continuous authentication service, based on latest face recognition technology, specifically focused to the needs of your business. Each solution is tailored towards our client’s requirements while drawing upon our best practices and technical experience.

We authenticate user’s identity constantly: 24h a day, 365 days a year, everywhere.

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Those services are designed to track and ensure that:

- The person online is the valid and registered during the entire online interaction, not only at the time of log in.

- The person that should be in front of the computer is really there or not.


The service is started right after the user logs in and without his or her collaboration. As long as the user can be tracked using facial features, the raw data collected by biometric subsystems are stored in the user's log files. The users' authentication and tracking processes are done using facial detection.


for eLearning

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There is no doubt that online learning has been gaining popularity for the past years. More educational institutions are offering online courses and students who enroll are increasing significantly. Even more with MOOCs present challenge for higher-education.

However, e-learning has a serious deficiency: There is a need to know if the student who enrolls in an e-learning course is the same student who completes the learning process and receives the academic credit.

SMOWL is a continuous online student authentication system which employs an automatic face recognition algorithm to verify the identity of the online student.

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The work environment is changing at a faster pace than ever and the new world of work is called Telework. Teleworking means decentralizing the office and is one of the means society is searching to keep up pace.

When considering the issues involved in teleworking and the teleworking environment for the employer, there are both positive and negative side effects to consider. One of the major pitfalls in the case of a teleworker who is employed off-site is confidentiality of data. This is especially critical for telework that is carried out involving highly sensitive data exchange, even more for teleworkers who are off-site more often than at the company.

Who is having access to those sensitive data? To avoid these situations Smowltech has developed an adapted automated monitoring system for telework. In a way that the identity of anyone accessing and working with those sensible data is controlled, so that the employer knows at all times if the person handling the information is the one permitted.

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Smowltech provides an alternative method (other than user and password) for eGambling, giving satisfactory evidence required by Gambling Commissions to have a robust customer identity verification system in place to ensure that customers are over the legal age to gamble (18 for most forms of gambling) and for detecting players with patterns of excessive gambling. In addition, subjecting to legislation, aimed at preventing crime and money laundering which means customer identity verification checks must be completed.

Smowltech can verify the customer’s identity during the whole session through the webcam, using an automated face recognition system.

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