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What is it?

This is the application SMOWL uses to take random user pictures during the session. The application is based on cloud computing technologies. Accordingly, a) It works over your website as independent web layer avoiding complex integration tasks at client and b) the final user unique requirements is a terminal with webcam and a updated browser. Furthermore, it is stored in smowltech servers making easier and more transparent the integration, support and maintenance tasks.

Try it now!

Read the following instructions and see how the application looks on your website. NO integration needed. This is a simple way to show how SMOWL would work in real scenario. Take into account that this is a demostration, just to see how it works, for this reason: a) you are not going to be registered, b) the term and conditions acceptance will not be binding and c) all the images taken during the demostration will not be sent to SMOWL servers.

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The facial recognition system is based on a comparison of every picture taken with a predefined biometrical model of facial features. For this reason, when users log in the website for the first time, they will be asked to take three pictures of themselves which will be used to create a first biometrical model .

Enable WebCam

(a) Every time the users log in, they will see the warning message which indicates they are starting a session where their webcam will take pictures randomly. The users must consent to use their webcam.

Take 3 photo

(b) Once the webcam is enabled, users must take three photos using the blue button.

User registered!

(c) Images are sent to Smowltech servers and the users and their facial features are registered in SMOWL system.

term &

The final user will be requested to read and accept the terms and conditions of SMOWL system.

Aceptterm and conditions by clicking checkbox

(d) Users can find the clickable checkbox at the application up-right corner, close to the "terms and conditions" link.

(e) If the users do not accept the terms and conditions, the register process will not be finished. It is not possible to continue until conditions are accepted.

Cam check
and start

The first step before starting a course/quiz is to check that the webcam works properly. Users must also check their lighting conditions and try to be centered in the frame.

Select options

Surf your
on SMOWL facial recognition system

Thereafter whenever the user is connected to the website, pictures will be taken randomly and continuously (random time is customizable, for this demonstration is set at 25s mean ± 15s variance). These pictures are sent to our servers in the cloud. SMOWL management module stores and analyses the images. These images are compared with the model that has been created at registration time and has been updated with recent positive images.

The blue SMOWL tab, visible on the up-right corner can be displayed (hold mouse button on it) to check the last image the application has taken. Furthermore, using menu controls, the users can update registration images (going back to the first step again) or change their custom options whenever they want

Dynamic lateral bar

(f) Sidebar visual alert shows, in a little window on the up-right corner, that the application is taking a picture. This option does not interrupt the navigation through the website. Users can disable/enable audio alerts by clicking the button in the sidebar.

Enjoy SMOWL certified session in your site!

Remember steps 1 to 3 must be completed only the first time the user enters into the system. Once the user is registered and custom options are selected, the application starts at step 4 after website log in.


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