How are Higher Education Institutions Dealing with Openness?


MOOCs in Europe. Report based on a representative survey of HEIs in five EU countries (France, Germany, Poland, Spain and the UK). The offer of MOOCs in Europe is growing but still not widespread: One fifth of the surveyed HEIs (Higher Education Institutions) stated that they offer at least one MOOC. In addition, about a quarter of the HEIs that are not offering MOOCs at the moment intend to do so in the future. However, this situation varies among countries, ranging from France, where both, the current MOOCs offer and the intentions to offer MOOCs in the future are high, to others like Germany where both current and planned MOOC offers are low. Poland falls between the two extremes: however, though it currently offers low numbers of MOOCs, it has considerable growth potential reflected in the high percentage of HEIs intending to offer MOOCs in the future. Recognition of MOOC learning is rare: In all 5 countries studied, HEIs usually lack recognition mechanisms; even in cases where MOOC certificates are based on reliable ways of assessment and linked to a specific number of ECTS. This indicates there is little awareness and/or trust in providing recognition of learning through MOOCs. (Castaño Muñoz,..2016)

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